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Equipment control
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People working within the microbiology, life-sciences, food and health sectors understand that an autoclave is for sterilising either used instruments, apparatus, or discards, as well as preparing products such as glassware for use in a sterile environment.

In the past the emphasis has been on the load being processed rather than the load process being successful. However, new strains of viral and bacterial threats are frequently discovered, so it is imperative that all sterilisation activities are monitored closely to retain confidence in consumer safety.

The brief sterilisation guide below indicates the reasons and benefits for each level in a suggested sterilisation quality control protocol. For additional advice email us or call us on +44 (0)1626 369990
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1) Equipment Control
When ? Once a day in an empty chamber

Why ? Straight-forward test for air removal and penetration

Using ? Challenge test packs or electronic monitoring

Such as : 3M ETS or Bowie and Dick test packs

2) Exposure Control
When ? On every pack

Why ? Immediate indication that a load has been processed
(Note: this doesn't mean that the process was sucessful!)

Using ? Autoclave Tape or indicator labels

Such as : Comply Steam indicator tape or labels

3) Load Control
When ? With every load processed

Why ? Loads monitored and released based on result

Using ? Biological or chemical indicators

Such as : Attest, Attest Rapid or Thermalog S

4) Pack Control
When ? In the centre of every pack

Why ? Assurance each pack has met the sterilisation requirements

Using ? Chemical indicators

Such as : Thermalog S or Sterigage

5) Record Keeping
When ? Label every pack

Why ? Documentation for tracibility

Using ? Load record cards and labels

Last modified 14/03/14