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3M Surface Monitoring Products
3M Surface Monitoring System
The 3M Surface Monitoring System is a cost effective solution for production areas, clean rooms and processing equipment.
This system measures the amount of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) on a surface or water sample. It can indicate in less than one minute overall biological contamination including microbiological, human and some process residues. Fast results allow fast corrective actions to avoid system downtime. Quantitative results can be records as well as an unambiguous pass/fail status.

3M Ngi Luminometer
The Surface Monitoring System consists of three parts:

Single use test swabs for surface or water
Luminometer to read the result and record data
Online software to store data and produce reports
3M Ngi Luminometer

More information about 3M Clean-Trace can be found in this PDF: 3M Cleantrace

Cat NoDescriptionPrice
NGI 3M Clean-Trace NGi Luminometer (including software access)
Handheld ATP reader and data recorder.
NSTATION3M Clean-Trace NGi Luminometer Docking Station
Optional docking station for easy charging and connection to PC.
£ 115.00
UXC 3M Clean-Trace ATP Surface Test
Surface swab test for collecting samples. (100 swab tests)
£ 187.00
H20 3M Clean-Trace ATP Water Test
Test for sampling water to access levels of biological contamination. (100 tests)
£ 200.00
CTPRO50 3M Clean-Trace ATP Protein Test
15 minute residual protein test - requires heating block DHB230 (50 tests)
£ 124.00
DHB230 3M Clean-Trace Digital Heating Block
Heating block for Clean-Trace protein tests (15m/55C)
£ 340.00

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