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3M Sterilisation Products For Dental Autoclaves

The difference between Sterilised and Sterile is critical to the health of your clients.

Recently it has been reported that many users of Autoclaves in dental practices are failing to complete adequate checks for sterilisation. Too much dependency is put on built-in electronic sensors to show a ‘safe’ cycle while best practice advocates the use of chemical tests to ensure the safety of clients.

When using autoclaves dental technicians must keep in mind the difference between sterilised and sterile. Equipment may have been sterilised but may still not be sterile. Badly packed loads or simple faults can mean the electronic tests show a load processed but the critical steam, time and temperature requirements have not been reached in the centre of your pack – your equipment could be harbouring unwanted guests and risk cross contamination of patients!

HTM-01-05(2013) guidelines for dentists recommend the use of Bowie & Dick type tests for a daily autoclave equipment test alongside the built-in electronic control tests. Chemical indicators should be used inside all packs to give an instant reliable visual prompt that each pack has been subjected to adequate temperature, time and steam requirements for a successful sterilisation process.

3M™ Comply™ disposable Bowie and Dick autoclave test pack is for use with 134°C cycles. Easy to use and easy to read, it conforms to BS:EN867:2001 and is available in cases of 20 test packs.

3M™ Comply™ Thermalog-S is a low cost, simple to use chemical integrator strip. Used in the middle of a tray or pack, Thermalog shows if the three parameters of time, temperature and steam have been met to ensure the sterilisation criteria. With the easy to read “safe zone” window Thermalog gives instant assurance. Thermalog conforms to BS:EN867:2001. Thermalog acts as a permanent record, so when sterile packs are opened the end user should check the Thermalog strip for visible confirmation that the pack was correctly processed.

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Prices and Specifications

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Equipment Control
Equipment Control Products play an extremely important role in sterilisation process monitoring, using chemical indicators to verify that sterilisation equipment is performing effectively it is normally carried out once a day in an empty chamber it is a straight-forward test for air removal and penetration using either Bowie and Dick type Challenge test packs or electronic monitoring using an electronic test system (ETS)

Autoclave Test Pack

Disposable Bowie & Dick Type Autoclave Test Pack

With unique colour chemistry, the 3M Comply Disposable Bowie & Dick Type test pack is a compact, efficient and easy-to-use disposable test pack. It conforms to BS EN867: 2001, carries the BSI kite-mark and was developed for one-off use in porous load autoclaves for daily Bowie & Dick tests. For 134°C cycles only.
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
1300 Disposable Autoclave Test Pack (Red to Blue) £110.00 Data Sheet
1301 Disposable Autoclave Test Pack (Blue to Pink) £110.00

Exposure Control
Exposure Control products are process exposure indicators that allow processed goods to be distinguished from unprocessed goods. NOTE: Autoclave tape only shows a load has been processed not that process was successful and does not indicate the contents are sterile.

Steam Indicator Tape

3M™ Comply™ Lead-Free Steam Indicator Tapes

3M Comply steam Tapes have been the chemical indicators of choice for steam autoclaves for over 25 years and are now lead-free..
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
1322-18 Packs of 28 rolls 18mm x 55m £98.00 Data Sheet
1322-24 Packs of 20 rolls 24mm x 55m £95.00 Data Sheet
1322-48 Packs of 10 rolls 48mm x 55m £83.00 Data Sheet
1355-18 Packs of 28 rolls 18mm x 55m (for disposable wraps) POA Data Sheet
1355-24 Packs of 20 rolls 24mm x 55m (for disposable wraps) POA Data Sheet
 Tape Dispenser

3M™ Comply™ Indicator Tape Dispenser C22

The C-22 heavy duty tape dispenser is made of rugged, high-impact, durable plastic and is capable of handling two rolls of 25mm wide indicator tape.
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
C-22 Heavy-duty dispenser for indicator tapes £52.50
C22 Replacement blade for Heavy-duty dispenser £7.50

Pack Control
Pack Control products are placed inside each pack providing end-users with clear, visual reassurance that critical conditions have been achieved.

Chemical Indicators

3M™ Comply™ Colour Change Chemical Indicators

Reliable, multi-variable indicator strips which offer a low-cost method of chemically monitoring the sterilisation process that is both accurate and consistent. Meets requirements EN867
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
Chemical Integrators

3M™ Comply™ Moving Front Chemical Integrators

3M Comply Moving Front chemical integrators are more sophisticated than chemical indicators. They do not rely solely on chemical reactions but utilise physical processes as well. Being a moving front indicator, unlike colour-change indicators/integrators, they provide unambiguous, easy-to-interpret results. Meets requirements EN867
Bennett Scientific recommend 2134MM Thermalog S.
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
2134MM3M Comply Thermalog steam chemical integrator Pack contains 250 £75.00 Data Sheet

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