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3M healthcare products
The 3M range of sterilisation control products.
3M's range of sterilisation products include autoclave tape, biological indicators and incubators, chemical strips and indicators and indicator label.
These tests provide different levels of quality control including exposure, pack, load and equipment level checks.

The brief sterilisation guide below indicates the reasons and benefits for each level in a suggested sterilisation quality control protocol.
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Equipment Control
Exposure Control
Load Control
Pack Control
3M GSX Ethylene Oxide Steriliser3M Steri-Vac GSX Ethylene Oxide Steriliser-Aerators
3M Food Safety Range3M Food Safety Monitoring Range

Product List and Prices

This list only includes the most popular products from the 3M sterilisation range,
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Equipment Control
Equipment Control Products play an extremely important role in sterilisation process monitoring, using chemical indicators to verify that sterilisation equipment is performing effectively it is normally carried out once a day in an empty chamber it is a straight-forward test for air removal and penetration using either Bowie and Dick type Challenge test packs or electronic monitoring using an electronic test system (ETS)

Electronic Test System

Electronic Test System (ETS)

The 3M Electronic Test System (ETS) is a unique independently validated and calibrated system. It comprises of a sensing unit, data-coverter and dedicated PC based software. It has been independently documented as satisfying the daily steam penetration test. This precise instrument replaces a number of the standard tests carried out on a steam porous load steriliser, saving time and increasing the productivity of the sterilisation facilities. Conforms to BS:EN ISO11140-1.
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
4208 3M ETS Sensing Unit (400 uses) 1935.71 Data Sheet
4109ETS Data converter including software 425.00
Autoclave Test Pack

Disposable Bowie & Dick Type Autoclave Test Pack

With unique colour chemistry, the 3M Comply Disposable Bowie & Dick Type test pack is a compact, efficient and easy-to-use disposable test pack. It conforms to Conforms to BS:EN ISO11140-1 and carries the BSI kite-mark and was developed for one-off use in porous load autoclaves for daily Bowie & Dick tests. For 134C cycles only.
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
1300 Disposable Autoclave Test Pack (Red to Blue) 98.00 Data Sheet
1301 Disposable Autoclave Test Pack (Blue to Pink) 110.00

Exposure Control
Exposure Control products are process exposure indicators that allow processed goods to be distinguished from unprocessed goods

Steam Indicator Tape

3M Comply Lead-Free Steam Indicator Tapes

3M Comply steam Tapes have been the chemical indicators of choice for steam autoclaves for over 25 years and are now lead and latex free..
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
1322-18 Packs of 28 rolls 18mm x 55m 98.00 Data Sheet
1322-24 Packs of 20 rolls 24mm x 55m 95.00 Data Sheet
1322-48 Packs of 10 rolls 48mm x 55m 83.00 Data Sheet
1355-18 Packs of 28 rolls 18mm x 55m (for disposable wraps) 105.00 Data Sheet
1355-24 Packs of 20 rolls 24mm x 55m (for disposable wraps) POA Data Sheet
1322CHSteam Indicator Labels (500 labels per roll) 104.00
Steam Indicator Tape

3M™ Comply™ Ethylene Oxide Indicator Tape

3M Comply Ethylene Oxide indicator tape is designed for use as a packaging tape and as a means of ascertaining whether packs have been exposed to ethylene oxide gas. EN867
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
1224-6 Packs of 24 rolls 18mm x 55m POA Data Sheet
1224-1Packs of 18 rolls 24mm x 55m POA Data Sheet
Dry-Heat Indicator Tape

3M™ Comply™ Dry-Heat Indicator Tape

3M Comply Dry-Heat indicator tape can be used both as a packaging tape and as a means of identifying items which have been subjected to a dry-heat sterilisation process. Colour changes at 155C after 30 minutes.
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
1226 1 roll 19mm x 50m 31.00
Indicator Labels

3M™ Comply™ Indicator Labels

These simple, convenient labels allow easy verification that products have been processed. The pressure-sensitive adhesive allows easy removal after processing. Especially suited for hard-surfaced items. Conforms to BS:EN ISO11140-1.
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
160Pack contains 12 boxes of 1000 3M Comply Indicator labels for Steam 598.00 Data Sheet
Instrument Protectors

3M™ Comply™ Instrument Protectors

Protects sharp-pointed instruments from damage and reduces the possibility of pouch-puncture during sterilisation. Indicators on the protectors verify either steam or EtO gas processing.
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
13913Pack of 1000 90mm x 175mm 452.00 Data Sheet
13915Pack of 1000 140mm x 255mm 622.00 Data Sheet

Load Control
This is the process by which a load is monitored and released for use, based on the result of a biological or chemical indicator which may, or may not, be placed in a process challenge device

biological indicators

3M™ Attest™ Biological Monitoring Indicators and Pre-set Incubators

3M Attest biological monitors are true biological indicators in self-contained indicator capsules. They enable checks on the biological reliability and performance of each autoclave without the need for laboratory facilities and laboratory-trained personnel. They are easy to use and give a colour-change result within 24 to 48 hours of processing. Requires the appropriate 3M Dry block Incubator. Meets BS:EN ISO11138 requirements.
Requires 3M Dry Block Incubator
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
1262 Bacillus stearothermophilus for steam autoclaves, 121C and 134C
Pack of 100
278.00 Data Sheet
1262S Bacillus stearothermophilus for steam autoclaves, 121C and 134C
Pack contains 2 boxes of 300
1521.00 Data Sheet
1264Bacillus subtilis for ethylene oxide autoclaves, 121C and 134C
Pack of 100
278.00 Data Sheet
118A Dry-block incubator, Steam, for 1262 Attest - holds up to 14 vials 285.00
129A Dry-block incubator, EtO Gas, for 1264 Attest - holds up to 28 vials 642.00

3M™ Attest™ Rapid-Readout Biological Monitoring System - New style autoreader for 2014

The 3M Attest Rapid-Readout Biological Monitoring System employs true biological indicators that provide clear, easy-to-interpret biological results in just three hours (1292E), thus reducing quarantine times and allowing quick and efficient detection of sterilisation process failure. Meets BS:EN ISO11138 requirements.
The new autoreaders include internet connectivity so results can be viewed and recorded through a networkwith the new webapp.
390 autoreader is required to incubate and read the indicator.
biological indicators


Cat NoDescriptionPrice
1292E Self-contained Biological Indicator for use in steam 121-123C downward-displacement and 132-135C vacuum-assisted cycles
Pack of 50
149.00 Data Sheet
1292S Self-contained Biological Indicator for use in steam 121-123C downward-displacement and 132-135C vacuum-assisted cycles in industrial packs
Pack contains 2 boxes of 300
1683.00 Data Sheet
390 Auto-reader, holds up to 10 vials. For use with 1292 Biological Indicators 2150.00 Data Sheet
1294Self-contained Biological Indicator for use in E.O gas
Pack of 50
149.00 Data Sheet
390G Auto-reader, holds up to 10 vials. For use with 1294 Biological Indicators 2150.00 Data Sheet

Pack Control
Pack Control products are placed inside each pack providing end-users with clear, visual reassurance that critical conditions have been achieved.

Chemical Indicators

3M™ Comply™ Colour Change Chemical Indicators

Reliable, multi-variable indicator strips which offer a low-cost method of chemically monitoring the sterilisation process that is both accurate and consistent. Conforms to BS:EN ISO11140-1.
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
12503M Comply steam strips Pack contains 8 boxes of 240 strips 326.00 Data Sheet
Chemical Integrators

3M™ Comply™ Moving Front Chemical Integrators

3M Comply Moving Front chemical integrators are more sophisticated than chemical indicators. They do not rely solely on chemical reactions but utilise physical processes as well. Being a moving front indicator, unlike colour-change indicators/integrators, they provide unambiguous, easy-to-interpret results. Conforms to BS:EN ISO11140-1.

Bennett Scientific recommend 2134MM Thermalog S.
Cat NoDescriptionPrice
1243A3M Comply SteriGage steam chemical integrator Pack contains 2 boxes of 500 340.00
2134MM3M Comply Thermalog steam chemical integrator Pack contains 250 75.00 Data Sheet

The 3M range of Ethylene Oxide Steriliser-Aerators.
3M GSX Ethylene Oxide Steriliser The GSX Range
The new 3M GSX range of Ethylene oxide sterilisers offer a state-of-the-art design that offers safe
flexible work flow at a significantly lower cost to contract sterilization or built-in equipment.
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3M, Attest, Comply, Steam-Clox, SteriGage, and Thermalog are trademarks of the 3M Company.

These products are the most popular selection from the 3M™ sterilisation assurance range

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Prices last updated for 1st January 2016.

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