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1st April 2023 Spring Is Here
Dear Customers,

After what feels like a long winter, the sun is out and spring has arrived. What better time to update your equipment and get your processes moving faster.

Email us at sales@bennett-scientific.com with your enquiry.

08/12/23 Happy Christmas
Dear Customers,

Even so we wish all of our customers a happy and safe Christmas
and hope that the New Year brings all of us better health and happiness.

Our offices will be shut between 22nd December and 3rd Of January. We are looking forward to helping with your laboratory needs again after the 3th January 2023.

Email us at sales@bennett-scientific.com with your enquiry.

04/09/2022 3M Comply Thermalog S
When customers call and ask for a simple to use chemical indicator for Steam Autoclaves, we always recommend 3M Thermalog S. 3M is the market leader in sterilisation assurance products, and Thermalog S is a high performance product at a competative price. Suitable for use at both load and pack levels, Thermalog S is a simple to use integrator of time, temperature and steam presence for both 121C and 134C processes. For more information click here.

01/06/2022 Clifton NE1V Multipurpose Oven Incubator
The new Clifton Clifton NE1V Multipurpose Oven Incubator is suitable for applications ambient+5C to 250C. They have an LCD display for setting and displaying temperature to 0.1C resolution with 99h timer. 304 stainless steel interior with hard weaing powder coated exterior, means this oven is hard wearing and easy to clean.

For more information click here.

Clifton NE1V Multipurpose Oven Incubator
10/11/2020 Corona Virus Update
Dear Customers,

Once again we are in lockdown and following government guidelines we are continuing to ensure our staff safety by reducing contact, keepings work areas seperate and taking other suitable precautions.

Otherwise we are still here as normal and ready to help with your laboratory needs.

Email us at sales@bennett-scientific.com with your enquiry.

01/01/2020 New Years Savings On Clifton Baths and Equipment
We have savings for the new year on the entire range of Clifton equipment. Clifton is well known for the robust quality of their waterbaths, but in recent years have introduced other lab equipment to the range including blockheaters, stirrers, ovens, incubators and Centrifuges. The majority of items from Clifton are manufactured in the UK and come with a 3 year warranty.

For more information click here.

Clifton Waterbaths and Equipment
13/11/2018 3M Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilisation Monitoring
3M have recently introduced a range of products for sterilisation assurance when using vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide processes. This range includes indicator tape, for quick visual confirmation, chemical indicators for pack penetration tests, and superfast Attest Biological Indictors for load control and release.

For more information click here.

3M Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilisation Monitoring
01/01/2018 Clifton NE1D Low Cost Digital Unstirred Water Baths
The new Clifton NE1D digital unstirred waterbaths are a low cost bath with LCD display for setting and displaying temperature to 1C resolution.
Only fractional more expensive than the analogue baths, these baths allow for better temperature accuracy and monitoring.
Available in 4L, 14L and 22L versions.

For more information click here.

Clifton NE1D Low cost Digital Water Baths
01/02/2017 February Offer on Ovens & Incubators
For January we are offer a 10% discount from the list price on all Clifton Ovens and Incubators. Sizes range from 15L to 750L and these quality pieces of equipmentare backed up with a 3 year warranty.

For information on Fan Assisted Ovens click here.
For information on Incubators click here.
For information on Cooled Incubators click here.

January offer 10% off ovens and incubators
02/08/2016 3M Clean-Trace Surface Monitoring
The 3M Surface Monitoring System is a cost effective solution for production areas, clean rooms and processing equipment. This system measures the amount of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) on a surface or water sample. It can indicate in less than one minute overall biological contamination including microbiological, human and some process residues.

For more information click here.

3M Clean-Trace Surface Monitoring
23/07/2015 CAT Products Update
Our German manufacturer CAT has been making quality laboratory equipment for over 30 years. This range includes overhead stirrer mixers, magnetic stirrers, liquid handling, shakers and mixers and homogenisers. This year we are introducing more of their innovative products including cell counters and an expanded range of rocking and rolling mixers.

Competative prices, quality German build and
two year warranties why look further?
04/02/2014 New 390 Attest Rapid Autoreaders
3M have introduced the new 390 autoreader for use with Attest Rapid. When used in conjuction with 1292E biological indicators results can be seen in 3 hours. The new autoreader has network connectivity and when used with the new webapp you can both record and print off details from a networked PC. Attest Rapid is suitable for both 121C and 134C processes.
For more information click here.

06/06/2013 Price cuts on Ultrasonic Baths
The SWH range of ultrasonic baths are available in 1L to 90L. These are high powered baths designed for laboratory and industrial applications. With SS casework and tanks, their rugged build is made for hard work and their quality is backed by a three year guarantee.
We are now slashing the prices which make these ultrasonic baths even better value.
Call 01626 369990 or click here for more information.

03/02/2012 Clear Polycarbonate Waterbaths
We are happy to introduce the new low cost polycarbonate tanked versions of the popular Clifton stirred baths. Exclusive to Bennett Scientific these crevice free tanks are backed by Cliftons high production standards and a two year warranty. Presently available in both 8 and 22 litre versions.
For more information:
Digital Stirred baths
Analogue Stirred baths

09/11/2011 New Lead Free Autoclave Tape
3M Healthcare have introduced a new lead free Indicator Tape for Steam sterilisation
For a pdf brochure with more details please click here
31/03/2011 SWH Ultrasonic baths
New to this range of industrial ultrasonic baths are smaller baths (1, 3 and 6 Litres) suitable for fine work. These have all the power of the larger baths and have stainless steel casework meaning they are far more robust than less expensive plastic baths.