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Charles Austen Laboratory Pumps

Dymax Vacuum Pumps

Dymax Range
Provides a clean oil-free vacuum and pressure source around the laboratory. The Dymax 5 is for light pressure, vacuum or flow such as aspiration and gentle fume extraction. For higher performance, the Dymax 14 can be used for light filtration and as a water jet replacement.
Capex Vacuum Pumps Capex Range
Capex 8C pumps are low cost multi-purpose laboratory vacuum pumps ideal for applications including microbiology experiments, filtration and aspiration. The quiet running pump is both light weight and portable. It features a tough alloy case with t-slot rails for easy mounting of attachments such as collection flasks and vapour traps. The optional needle valve allows the user full control over the flow rate, also vacuum and pressure gauges can be added to monitor performance.

Innovac Vacuum pump Innovac Range
Innovac pumps are designed for continuous vacuum processes involving corrosive gases in the laboratory, Innovac features a tough alloy case with t-slot rails for quick easy mounting of necessary attachments such as vapour traps or condensers. This ruggedly reliable pump has a composite-bond Teflon diaphragm which extends service life.
Applications for lnnovac include rotary evaporation, filtration and gel drying.

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Last modified 19/06/17