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For more information on the CAT range please find enclosed PDF documents with full details

 CAT Magnetic Stirrers, Homogenisers

magnetic stirrer

Innovative Magnetic Stirrers Including:
M26G2 Safety Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer
M36 Large Size Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer
MCS66 Programmable Hotplate Stirrer
M21/22/23 Hotplate Stirrers
M11 Hotplate Stirrers
M5 Magnetic Stirrer
ECM5 Compact Magnetic Stirrer
ECM6 Compact hotplate stirrer

High Efficiency Homogenisers Including:
Heavy Duty X1740 for Pilot Plants
X1030D High Power Homogeniser with LCD
X1000D General purpose Homogensier with LCD
X360 Compact High Speed Homogeniser
X120 Handheld Homohensier
Compressed Air Homogenisers

Safe Liquid Handling Including:
Liquid Processor
Manual Contiburette
overhead stirring

Powerful Overhead Stirring Including:
R100 Overhead Stirrer
R80 Overhead Stirrer
R50 Overhead Stirrer
R20 Overhead Stirrer
R18 Compact Overhead Stirrer
R14 Overhead Stirrer
R1 Handhead stirrer
Mixers Shakers Mixers and Shakers Including:
VM2 Vortex Mixer
S50 Wrist Action Shaker
S20 Orbital Shaker
SH26 Heated Shaker
RM5 Rock and Roll Mixer
RT20 Rotating and Swaying Mixer
 CAT Magnetic Stirrers, Homogenisers

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