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The Clifton range of Cooled Fan Assist Incubators

Standard Model NE7-56S NE7-112S NE7-240S NE7-400S NE7-750S
List Price 3374.40 4099.80 6364.60 8216.20 10114.80
Our Offer Price 3036.96 3689.82 5728.14 7394.58 9103.32
Int.Dim's mm 395w
Ext.Dim's mm 590w
Sensitivity@37C ± 0.2C 0.2C 0.2C 0.3C 0.5C
Sensitivity@10C ± 0.4C 0.4C 0.5C 0.7C 0.7C
Uniformity@37C ± 0.4C 0.6C 0.3C 0.4C 0.5C
Power Consumption 400W 400W 800W 1200W 1800W
Shelves supplied 2 2 3 3 5
Max No of Shelves 5 7 10 14 16
*All prices exclude VAT, Packing and delivery*


The Clifton NE7 range of Fan Assisted Cooled Incubators feature precision time and temperature control with programming options from 0C to 70C. It allows for heating cycles to produce a controlled environment above ambient.

Microprocessor control with auto diagnostics, digital LCD display to 0.1C resolution, three program memory with event log of actual temperature and time data with RS232 interface.

Featuring wipe clean touch pad controls illuminated LCD display for viewing wide range of settings, programs, temperature and time values.

The high grade 304 spec stainless steel chamber is sealed shut with a solid door. Other door options available include a window in the door or an internal glass door allowing the observation the chamber with no temperature disturbance.

The Cooled range can also be specified with accessory "Photoperiodic System" lighting elements. This makes the Incubator suitable for plant growth, microorganisms, fungi, etc. A wide range of light sources, light colour and illumination intensity can be installed in the chamber.


  • Range: 0C to 70C (-10C as option)
  • Microprocessor control, dual pt100 temperature probes.
  • Temperature and time programmable in two ways:
    • Six segment temperature-time profile with delay start, heating up, hold at set point, each with timers from 1 minute to 99 hours.
    • Continuous mode at set point with either delay start , or timed up to 999 hours.
  • Auto diagnostic system.
  • Digital LCD display to 0.1C resolution.
  • Date and time setting, program can start unsupervised.
  • Audible alarm and display, setting 0.5C to 5.0C about set point.
  • Fast temperature rise to attain set point or normal with no overshoot.
  • Three program memory, re-called for use.
  • Event log and program review temperature and time records.
  • Average minimum and maximum temperature values recorded for each segment of the program for reference and validation.
  • Manual Air-flap control, adjustable.
  • Forced air circulation with Fan speed regulation from 10 to 100%.
  • RS232 interface.
  • 304 stainless steel interior for long working life and easy cleaning.
  • Hard wearing powder painted exterior.
  • Voltage: 230V
  • 2 year warranty
  • Over-temperature protection:
    • Cass 1, thermal cut out 80C and separate element overheat protection.
    • Class 2, experiment/sample protection, adjustable setting above set point, heating switched off, audible and visual indication.
    • Accessory options Class 3, temperature protection, self resetting cut outs.
    • Temperature sensor fail alarm.
    • Power failure control with auto resume.
  • Safety Class: 1 + 2 fitted, options for 3+
Additional Notes :
  • Before ordering please check the room or building access where this unit will be installed and electrical power requirements.
  • Sensitivity measurements based on temperature readings on shelf in centre of the chamber.
  • Working capacity of chamber can be smaller.
  • Ovens up to 115 litres are stackable.
  • Do not place in direct sunlight and allow a 100mm air gap away from wall at rear. Ensure there is a minimum 300mm air gap from top of the unit to ceiling.

A range of factory fit options are as follows (please ask for prices):
  • Viewing window
  • Wire Shelf
  • Perforated SS Shelf
  • Castors
  • Temperature range increase to -10C for 56L cooled incubator
  • Photoperiodic System for Cooled Incubators
  • Stainless Steel Test Tube Rack 26 Holes x 17mm Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Test Tube Rack 16 Holes x 26mm Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Test Tube Rack 36 Holes x 13mm Diameter - also suitable for 1.5ml micro tubes
  • Steel Test Tube Rack 18 Holes x 19mm Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Test Tube Rack 12 Holes x 32mm Diameter
  • Walkabout Insulative Scoop Tray
  • Class 3 Over-temperature protection
  • 3.1 HEPA air filter in the air inlet
  • Open door counter, counts events
  • whilst program is running
  • Additional PT100 Temperature sensor built in for independent measurements
  • Audible door alarm
  • Factory Calibration @ 37C
  • Factory Calibration @ 37C
  • Factory Calibration, 9 Point check.
  • Qualification procedure
  • Converter from RS232 to RS422
  • Converter from RS232 to RS485
  • RS232 Cable

All prices are in pounds sterling and exclude VAT, packing and carriage.
Prices and specifications are subject to change. Please check when you order.
Prices last updated 1st January 2019.

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