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The Clifton range of laboratory equipment
Laboratory Waterbath Manufactured in the UK, the Clifton range was introduced in 1989.
With a solid quality build and continual refinement and development this
range of laboratory baths and heaters provide the results our customers demand.
Laboratory Waterbath

Laboratory water baths
Stirred, unstirred, shaken,
circulated, duo and boiling.
Culinary Waterbath
Culinary Food Baths
Sous vide baths for catering.

Ultrasonic baths
Ultrasonic baths
For cleaning and degassing.

Block heaters

Block Heaters
Wet or dry.
Ovens and Incubators

Bath Armour

Bath Armour
Hot or Cold water replacement
Hotplate Stirrers
Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers



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Last modified 01/01/20