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The 3M range of Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers/Aerators.
3M has offered safe, effective, self-contained EtO sterilization technology for many decades providing an economical solution for in-house sterilization. The 3M Steri-Vac EtO Sterilizer-Aerator range feature two compact sterilizers designed to sterilize items with 100% ethylene oxide. This new range incorporates a state-of-the-art design that offers flexibility at a significantly lower cost compared to contract sterilization or other built in equipment.
GSX 8 Ethylene Oxide Steriliser Available in two chamber sizes both with single or double door configurations, the Steri-Vac Sterilizer/Aerator can be installed in enclosed wall or free-standing configurations to provide adaptability for desired work flow and space optimisation needs.

• Advanced customised cycle programming capability allows up to 100 separate cycles to be defined and locked into system
• Two fixed cycles operating at 37˚ and 55˚
• Automatic control system ensures the selected sterilization conditions are met
• Internet connectivity allowing interface to quality system and LIM’s data management systems
• Utilises single dose 100% EtO cartridge that will only release gas in a locked, negative pressure chamber when proper conditions are achieved
• Large, colour, touch control, easy to read user interface
• All-in-one system allows sterilization and aeration in a single chamber
• Available in 126L and 223L chamber sizes
• The 3M Steri-Vac EtO Sterilizer/Aerator offers effective low temperature sterilization system for use in industrial, research, laboratory and other settings

Steri-Vac Sterilizer/Aerator GSX models comply with both EN 1422 and are RoHS compliant for requirements of ISO11135 Part 1 Sterilization of health care products - Ethylene oxide - Requirements for development, validation and routine control of a sterilization process for medical devices.

More information about 3M GSX EtO sterilisers can be found in this PDF: 3M GXS

Please note EO gas products have strict safety requirements. 3M will verify site preparedness for
installation before products on this page are shipped. Details of requirements can be found here -
3M Steri-Vac GS Site and Installation Guide

Cat NoDescriptionPrice
GS5X-1D Steri-Vac Sterilizer/Aerator - Single door 126 L (4.8 ft3)C
Chamber: 38 cm (H) x 43 cm (W) x 83 cm (D)
£ On Application Data Sheet
GS5X-2D Steri-Vac Sterilizer/Aerator - Double door 126 L (4.8 ft3)
Chamber: 38 cm (H) x 43 cm (W) x 83 cm (D)
£ On Application Data Sheet
GS8X-1D Steri-Vac Sterilizer/Aerator - Single door 223.7 L (7.9 ft3)
Chamber: 46 cm (H) x 51 cm (W) x 97 cm (D)
£ On Application Data Sheet
GS8X-2D Steri-Vac Sterilizer/Aerator - Double door 223.7 L (7.9 ft3)
Chamber: 46 cm (H) x 51 cm (W) x 97 cm (D)
£ On Application Data Sheet
50AE 3M Ethylene Oxide Abator
£ On Application Data Sheet
8-170 170g EO cartridge for use with model 8XL, GS8-1D, GS8-2D EO sterilisers
Pack of 12 cartridges
£ On Application Data Sheet

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Prices last updated for 1st January 2016.

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