Ismatec pumps and tubing
Ismatec Quality Pumps
Adhesive for ISMATEC pump tubing
Adhesive for connections
with tube sleeves

ergo® Adhesive for all tubing materials
Complete Set including:
- ergo® Adhesive
ergo® Primer

20 g
10 ml
SC 1010
ergo® Adhesive (separate)
- type 5861 Porous
20 g SC 1011
ergo® Primer (separate)
- type 5150 Porous
- important for pretreatment of the tubing
10 ml SC 1012

ergo® adhesive
(suitable for all tubing materials)

Complete Set containing:
- 20 g adhesive ergo®, type 5861 Porous
- 10 ml primer ergo®, type 5150, important for pretreatment of the tubing

Specifications of adhesive type 5861

Instructions for use


How to make connections
with tube sleeves

  • The tubing material of the tube sleeves should be equal to the tubes to be connected.
  • For the tube sleeve choose an inner diameter that equals the outer diameter of the tubes to be connected.
  • Choose the right adhesive for the tubing material used. (see table above).
  • If possible, clean the tube bore thoroughly with compressed air.


Last modified 05/03/09