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Rotor IS 3763

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Color WT* Order Nos.
2 red 1.6 mm IS 3762
3 red 1.6 mm IS 3763
2 black 2.4 mm IS 3757
3 black 2.4 mm IS 3754

*WT =
1.6 mm =
2.4 mm =
wall thickness
standard wall thickness
ideal for elevated pressures or vacuum (back pressure, suction height) and for viscous or abrasive media

Available for: - ECOLINE VC-280
Some Ecoline models (see table above) enable the user to change the rotor. Depending on the application the operator can use the 3-roller rotor to reduce the pulsation or the 2-roller rotor to increase the flow rate.
  • They either have 2 or 3 rollers, depending on the pump model the customer has ordered.
  • The 2-roller rotor (VC-280) provides a higher flow rate but also features a higher pulsation.
  • The 3-roller rotor (VC-380) produces less pulsation but the flow rate is reduced.
  • With the help of an Allan key, the rotors can be exchanged within seconds.

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