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Ismatec pumps and tubing
Ismatec Quality Pumps
ISMATEC Rotary Piston Pumps
The ideal pump system for corrosive media and very accurate dispensing
(Pump-heads are available with piston and cylinder liner in CERAMIC !)
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MCP-CPF Process; RH-type pump-head

MCP-CPF Process; Q-type pump-head
0.025 – 2300 ml/min
Process suitable and programmable piston pump. IP65-rated "washdown" pump with stainless steel housing.

Powerful dispensing pump can be calibrated. The pump contains memory enough to store 4 sets of operating parameters.
MCP-CPF Process

- dispensing and delivery pump
- dust-tight and waterproof
- speed range 10.0 .. 1800 rpm
- available with RH and Q-type
- RS232 and analog interface

0.1 – 180 ml/min
Compact dispensing pump.
Microprocessor controlled drive with calibration functions.
- dispensing and delivery pump
- RS232 interface
- speed output
- adjustable volume per revolution
0.045 – 180 ml/min

Compact delivery pump.
Same pump as REGLO-CPF Digital, but without dispensing functions.
Variable speed drive with speed setting in steps of 1%.

- variable speed delivery pump
- analog interface
- speed output
- adjustable volume per revolution

Last modified 22/07/14