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Ismatec Quality Pumps
3-stop tubing Saint Gobain 3-stop color-coded tubing
3-stop tubing requires extension tubing, both on the suction and discharge side!
For more information about tubing dimensions, specifications, etc., click on the name of the tubing below!
Color Codes
0.13 orange-black SC0189T                    
0.19 orange-red SC0049T                    
0.25 orange-blue SC0050T SCE0397 SC0303 SC0730*) SC0286            
0.38 orange-green SC0051T SCE0398 SC0304   SC0287 SC0710**) SC0802**)      
0.44 green-yellow SC0052T                    
0.51 orange-yellow SC0053T SCE0399 SC0305   SC0288       SC0600   SC0255
0.57 white-yellow SC0054T                    
0.64 orange-white SC0055T SCE0400 SC0306   SC0289   SC0804**) SC0601 SC0106 SC0256
0.76 black-black SC0056T SCE0401 SC0307   SC0290   SC0711**)   SC0602 SC0107 SC0257
0.89 orange-orange SC0057T SCE0402 SC0308   SC0291       SC0603 SC0108 SC0258
0.95 white-black SC0058T                    
1.02 white-white SC0059T SCE0403 SC0309   SC0292     SC0806**) SC0604 SC0109 SC0259
1.09 white-red SC0060T                    
1.14 red-red SC0061T SCE0404 SC0310   SC0293   SC0712**)   SC0605 SC0110 SC0260
1.22 red-grey SC0062T                    
1.30 grey-grey SC0063T SCE0405 SC0311 SC0733*) SC0294       SC0606 SC0111 SC0261
1.42 yellow-yellow SC0064T SCE0406 SC0312   SC0295       SC0607 SC0112 SC0262
1.52 yellow-blue SC0065T SCE0407 SC0313   SC0296 SC0713**) SC0808**) SC0608 SC0113 SC0263
1.65 blue-blue SC0066T SCE0408 SC0314   SC0297       SC0609 SC0114 SC0264
1.75 blue-green SC0067T                    
1.85 green-green SC0068T SCE0409 SC0315   SC0298       SC0610 SC0115 SC0265
2.06 purple-purple SC0069T SCE0410 SC0316   SC0299 SC0714**) SC0810**) SC0611 SC0116 SC0266
2.29 purple-black SC0070T SCE0411 SC0317   SC0300       SC0612 SC0117 SC0267
2.54 purple-orange SC0071T SCE0412 SC0318   SC0301       SC0613 SC0118 SC0268
2.79 purple-white SC0072T SCE0413 SC0319 SC0736*) SC0302 SC0715**) SC0812**) SC0614 SC0119 SC0269
3.17 black-white SC0224T                    
Tube length 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 300 mm 300 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
Pack size 12 pces. 12 pces. 6 pces. 12 pces. 6 pces. 6 pces. 6 pces. 6 pces. 12 pces.

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> only 2 stoppers !
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