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The Product Range includes. . .

From disposables to large equipment, Bennett Scientific can supply.
The list below gives an indication of our product range, with links through to more detailed pages on specific products.
Our aim is bring you the best equipment to suit your needs at the most competitive price.
Please call on 01626 369990 or email us for information on other products.

Aspirators - glass & plastic Eye washing equipment Pumps - piston
Autoclave tape Filling & dispensing equipment Pumps - vacuum
Baths - water & boiling Flasks - glass, plastic Reagent dispensers
Baths - ultrasonic Funnels - glass, plastic Safety equipment
Beakers - glass, plastic, stainless steel Glassware Safety hot-plate stirrers
Blenders Heating mantles Sample containers
Block heaters Homogenisers Sealing films
Bottles - glass & plastic Hot-plates Shakers
Bottle racks & trays Hot-plate magnetic stirrers Shaking water baths
Burettes - digital Nalgene plasticware Solvent storage cabinets
Burners Magnetic followers Sterilisation indicators
Cabinets - glassware, drying Magnetic stirrers Sterilisation integrators
Carboys - glass & plastic Metal Ware Stirrers - all types
Centrifuges - micro to ultra Mixers - rocking and rolling Stirring rods & retrievers
Clamps & clips Motorised digital burettes Stopclocks
Connectors/Couplings Nalgene plasticware Test-tubes
Containers & cans Orbital platforms & shakers Timers
Coolers - flow & immersion Ovens - drying, sterilising, Trays
Cuvettes Overhead stirrers Trolleys
Dilutors Pipettes - glass, plastic, & tips Tubing - various materials
Dishes Pipette jars & racks Ultrasonic baths - Clinical
Dispensers Pipettors - automatic Ultrasonic baths - Industrial
Disposable glass & plastics Programmable hot-plate stirrers Vortex mixers
Dosing pumps - microliter Pumps - Gear Vacuum Pumps
Drying racksPumps - Peristaltic Water baths- Laboratory, Food

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