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Innovac Range Of Vacuum Pumps

The Innovac family of dry vacuum pumps are designed for vacuum processes involving corrosive gases in the laboratory. Ideal for continuous duty, the Innovac feature a tough alloy case with unique t-slot rails for quick easy mounting of necessary attachments such as vapour traps or condensers.

Offering class leading performance the Innovac is ruggedly reliable and features a composite-bond Teflon diaphragm which provides extended service life.

Applications for lnnovac include rotary evaporation, filtration and gel drying.

Cat No DescriptionDetailsPrice
X64-950Innovac 60 Vacuum PumpMaximum free flow 60L/min Maximum Vacuum 12mbar
dimensions 393mm x 214mm x 136mm Weight 12Kg
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Accessory Options

The extremely low vibration level of the Innovac series allows components to be mounted directly to the pump
t-slot. All clamps are compatible with standard diameter laboratory stands.
Cat No DescriptionPrice
S08-100Separator Assembly(Solvent Trap)
The separator can be used on both the inlet and outlet of the pump.
When used on the pump outlet, the separator collects condensing droplets.
When used on the inlet of the pump it ensures that maximum performance is
maintained during ‘wet’ applications such as aspiration and gel drying.
All separators are supplied complete with quick fit t-slot clamp, hose
and holder and are coated with plastic for implosion protection.
S08-101 Condenser Assembly
The condenser kit fits the pump outlet and traps emmisions from the exhaust.
It is mounted on normal laboratory clamps with the rings and universal
joints supplied or directly onto the pump t-rail using a unique quick fit t-slot clamp.
C25-007 Vacuum Controller
The vacuum controller controls the precise vacuum levels and shuts off the pump
when not in use, this is invaluable for distillation and rotary evaporation.
The splash resistant control panel is easily programmed by
simply pressing the touch sensitive keys. The controller is fitted with
a serial interface allowing connection to a PC (additional interface cable
needed) for recording data and plotting graphs. The Innovac
vacuum controller kit is entirely retro-fit and includes controller,
valve, switchbox, tubing and all necessary fittings to enable
the unit to be mounted directly to the pump or remotely.
All prices exclude VAT, packing and delivery.

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Last modified 01/05/2019