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CAT Laboratory Equipment
Bennett Scientific have been distributing the CAT
range of laboratory equipment for over 20 years.
This range of products is of high quality German
build but still highly competitive priced whether you
are interested in hotplate magnetic stirrers, overhead
stirrers, homogenisers or liquid handling products.
CAT products alse include the benefit of a 2 year warranty.

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Magnetic stirrers
Innovative Magnetic Stirrers Including:
M26 Safety Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer
MCS77 Programmable Hotplate Stirrer
M17 Hotplate Stirrers
M11 Hotplate Stirrers
M5 Magnetic Stirrer
ECM5 Compact Magnetic Stirrer
ECM6 Compact hotplate stirrer


High Efficiency Homogenisers Including:
Heavy Duty X1740 for Pilot Plants
X1000D General purpose Homogensier with LCD
X120 Handheld Homohensier

CAT Overhead Stirrers

Powerful Overhead Stirring Including:
R100 High Torque Overhead Stirrers
R50 Overhead Stirrers
R18 Compact Overhead Stirrer
R16 Compact Overhead Stirrer
R80D-PC Digital Overhead Stirrer

CAT U1D10 Continburette

Liquid Handling Including:
Motorised & Manual Contiburettes
Cell counters

Blood/Marrow Cell Counters
Diff15 Multifunction Cell counter

CAT Mixers & Shakers

Mixers and Shakers Including:
VM2 Vortex Mixer
S50 Wrist Action Shaker
S20 Orbital Shaker
SH26 Heated Shaker
RM5 5 roller Rock and Roll Mixer
RM10 10 roller Rock and Roll Mixer