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Clifton Hotplate Stirrers & Mixers

Clifton Hotplate Stirrers and Mixers are manufactured in the UK and come with a 3 year warranty.

Analogue Heated Stirrers
The MSH series of series are analogue dial control stirrers with Aluminium Hotplates.
Straight forward design is easy to use, with an anti-bacterial paint finish which is easy to clean.
The single plate version is suitable for up to 15L, while the triplate plate version can take 3 x 15L.

Temperature range: Ambient to 325°C
Stirring Speeds: 100-1500rpm
Control: Analogue Dial Control
Hotplate Area: 160x160mm (x3 on triplate version)
Manufactured in the UK with 3 year warranty.

Cat No DescriptionPrice
MSH-1Analogue Aluminium Hotplate Stirrer£345.00
Data Sheet For MSH range

MSH-1D Digital Hotplate Stirrer
The MSH-1D is a digital hotplate stirrer with an aluminium plate.
The clear LCD is easy to read with straight forward controls while the anti-bacterial paint finish is easy to clean.
Suitable for up to 15L.

Aluminium hotplate for quick heating.
Temperature range: Ambient to 300°C
(Temperature range with probe: Ambient to 200°C)
Sensitivity: +- 0.5°C @ 60°C with probe
Stirring Speed: 200-1300rpm
Hotplate Area: 160x160mm
LCD Control: Digital in 1#176;C increments
Over temperature protection and alarm
Includes 2 PTFE coated stir bars and PTFE Coated Probe
Manufactured in the UK with 3 year warranty.

Cat No DescriptionPrice
MSH-1DDigital Aluminium Hotplate Stirrer£750.00
Data Sheet For MSH range

Clifton Cyclone Vortex Mixers
The CM1 is a standard vortex mixer for 200 -2800rpm with an orbit of 7mm.
The CM2 vortex offers the same speeds but with 4mm orbit and allows for accessory platforms.
Both mixers have an analogue dial control for speed, and can run either continuously
or press to start against tube mixing cup. Manufactured in the UK with 3 year warranty.

Cat No DescriptionPrice
CM-1Cyclone Vortox Mixer £300.00
CM-2Multi-purpose Cyclone+ Vortox Mixer £360.00
C1Platform kit for CM-2 with 2x25ml flask clips£ 55.00
C2Platform kit for CM-2 for skirted microplates (48, 96 or 154 well)£ 50.00
C3Platform kit for CM-2 for 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes x 20£ 45.00
C4Mixing cup for CM-2 with single tube mixing £ 35.00
C5Platform kit for CM-2 for 96 well unskirted microplates£ 70.00
Data Sheet For CM range

Clifton Rotary Mixers
Clifton Rotary mixers provide a rotary mixing action with adjustable angle from horizontal to vertical.
Both models allow for different attachments allowing flexibility whether you wish to mix flasks or tubes.
The RM-1 is fixed speed at 30rpm , while the RM-2 allows for variable speeds 5-30rpm.
Can be used for end to end mixing or tumbling carousel mixing.
Both models can be used in cool rooms or incubators at 4 - 60°C.
Manufactured in the UK with 3 year warranty.

Cat No DescriptionPrice
RM-2Variable Speed 5-30rpm Rotary Mixer £410.00
Accessories discs:
RMD024Disc complete with 24 clips for tubes 8-11mm end to end mixing£ 80.00
RMD012Disc complete with 12 clips for tubes 15-17mm end to end mixing£ 80.00
RMD006Disc complete with 6 clips for tubes 27-30mm end to end mixing£ 80.00
RMD016Tumbling Carousel for tubes upto 16mm £ 165.00
RMD025Tumbling Carousel for tubes upto 25mm £ 165.00
RMD-1Blank rotary mixer disc for clips below£ 50.00
TC0811Clip for 8-11mm diameter tube£ 10.00
TC1517Clip for 15-17mm diameter tube£ 10.00
TC2730Clip for 27-30mm diameter tube£ 10.00
FC0025Clip for 25mm flask£ 20.00
FC0050Clip for 50mm flask£ 20.00
FC0100Clip for 100mm flask£ 20.00
FC0250Clip for 250mm flask£ 25.00
Data Sheet For RM range

If you can't see the hotplate or mixer you need, please also check our
CAT range of stirrers, mixers, hotplates and homogenisers.

All prices are in pounds sterling and exclude VAT, packing and carriage.
Prices and specifications are subject to change. Please check when you order.
Prices last updated 1st January 2024.

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