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Bath Armour™ Hot Metal Beads - Save Water - Save Energy

Bath armour beads in waterbath

Bath Armour is a heat transfer medium to replace
water in unstirred baths and block heaters. Bath Armor aims to
tackle water contamination by utilizing a dry, metallic thermal
media comprised of small beads instead of water. The result is a
dry bath that is far less conducive to contamination than a water
filled bath. The unique properties of the dry media support the
samples without blocks, racks, floats or weights. The cumbersome
task and frequency of emptying, cleaning and refilling is simplified
and dramatically reduced, resulting in a more productive lab and
less lab downtime.

Our manufacturers tests have shown Bath Armour to be
far more energy effiecent than water for long period
applications with reductions in energy used of up to 70%
in 24 hours tests.
High efficiency thermal transfer
Microbial/biofilm resistant
Cross-contamination resistant
No need for racks or shelves
Washes and sterilises easily
No top up or boiling dry problems
Angled incubation possible
Broad temperature range
Vessels need not be water tight
Moisture and gas impermeable
Reduces water consumption
Improves energy efficiency*

Not suitable for shaking or stirred baths
Longer heat up time compared to water
Bath armour beads in blockheater

Bath armour beads in waterbath

Bath armour beads in waterbath

* Tests over 24 hours in Clifton water baths have shown energy savings of up to 70% compared to water
Further Information in the Bath Armour Data Sheet

BA-12Bath Armour hot bead water replacement 12L pack for waterbaths£POA
BA-5Bath Armour hot bead water replacement 4L pack for waterbaths£POA
Bath Armour Data Sheet
All prices are in pounds sterling and exclude VAT, packing and carriage.

Also see the new Walkabout and Chill buckets designed especially for use with bathamour beads.
Keep samples at temperature whilst on the move or on the lab bench. More information here

All prices are in pounds sterling and exclude VAT, packing and carriage.
Prices and specifications are subject to change. Please check when you order.
Prices last updated for 1st January 2023.

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