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Clifton Ovens & Incubators

Clifton oven and incubator chambers are constructed from high quality
stainless steel, lagged with high efficiency thermal insulation, all
contained within an outer steel housing with anti-bacterial paint finish.

With energy efficiency in mind, particular attention is paid to robust
design, insulation, a tight door closure with silicone seal and hinge
design to maintain chamber temperatures with intelligent temperature control.

Designed for long-term reliability with a 2 year warranty.

Ovens and Incubators

Click below for full specifications and prices:
Type Temperatures (°C) Chamber Capacity (litres)
Incubators (Fan Assisted) Ambient +5 - 100 15, 32, 56, 112, 240, 400, 750
Ovens (Fan Assisted) Ambient +5 - 300 15, 32, 56, 112, 240, 400, 750
Multi-purpose Oven Incubator (Gravity Convection) Ambient +5 - 250 56

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